General Construction

  • — Management of Construction and Permits.
  • — New Work.
  • — Reforms.
  • — Rehabilitation.
  • — Comprehensive.
  • — Certificates of Occupancy.
  • — ITE Building.

Construccions La Clau S.L. born with a business philosophy and a very definite line of action that lead to one goal, to provide satisfactory service and quality that meets the expectations of the customer deposits in our work with the best guarantees and personalized service.

The company was founded by Jaume Anfruns Janer in 1985. In the beginning was devoted to the multi-family housing and small-scale reforms.

The second generation was introduced in part to the 90's, with the help of his son, James Anfruns Font. These were years of learning, hard work and limited structure. The company founder has pervaded the slogan "a job well done", always placing emphasis on the rigor of everyday life, and the maximum care and attention to the customer.

2002, was set up our first strategic plan, the organization sets plans for improvement and growth in all areas of management and production, thus obtaining an improvement in all processes. The aim is to differentiate itself from other companies in the sector, and offer something more than a product.

Construction Today La Clau handles all the types of work with staff specializing in all areas of the company. The balance of our portfolio now brought us to the diversification of work, is a fact that allows the application of knowledge management in construction processes, new materials and techniques of organization.

"Success is a job well done", we work to grow and improve, keeping close attention to everything that happens around us, in short, "reinvented every day."